What was a traditional andalusian farm now has everything you need for a great event.


A traditional andalusian farm house from the past century, renovated in a manner that maintains the charm and practicality of it’s architectural roots.

  • Capacity of 29 people
  • 5 rooms with a double bed and a bunk bed, capacity of 4 people in each room
  • 2 rooms with a double bed
  • 1 room with 2 bunk beds (double bed on the bottom of one), capacity of 5 people
  • Pillows provided, bring your own bedding AND pillowcase
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 2 small meeting rooms, sweet shop
  • Central heat
  • Wifi
  • Large tiled outdoor patio with tables and chairs

Girls’ Dorm

  • Bunk beds with capacity of 56 people (one bottom bunk in each room has a double mattress)
  • 5 rooms for 6 people, 2 rooms for 8 people and 1 room for 10 people
  • Central heat
  • Pillows provided, bring your own bedding AND pillowcase

Boys’ Dorm

  • Bunk beds with capacity of 68 people
  • 6 rooms for 8 people and 2 rooms for 10 people (all rooms have a double bed as the bottom of one bunk bed)
  • Central heat
  • Pillows provided, bring your own bedding AND pillowcase


There is a heated central bathhouse for the two dormitories. The men’s bathroom has 5 showers, 4 sinks, 3 toilets and a urinal, while the women’s has 5 showers, 4 toilets and 4 sinks.

Dining Hall

Lower Floor

  • Large meeting room with ping-pong table and foosball table
  • Sound system, overhead projector and media screen
  • Two smaller meeting rooms, one with outdoor access

Upper Floor

  • Camp kitchen and dining hall for 160+ people
  • Wood stove heating
  • Sound system
  • Refrigerator and microwave oven for camper’s use
  • Soda machine

Common Areas

Sports Facilities

  • Large outdoor swimming pool with slide; kiddies pool
  • Soccer field
  • Basketball court also used for volleyball and soccer
  • 18 hole mini-golf course with clubs and balls
  • Hiking trails and mountain climbing
  • Three-hole disc-golf, frisbees included

Media Equipment

  • DVD players
  • Large portable media screen
  • Video projector (ceiling installed). Bring your own laptop.
  • Large white boards with paper and pens
  • Free wireless internet service
  • Sound system
  • Large outdoor screen for movies


Springs of Life Camp (Manantiales de Vida) exists as a result of prayer, as a place where people can come to know the Lord and where believers can grow in their faith and be discipled. Springs of Life has been developed through the sacrifice of many–as much physical sacrifice as economic. We want everything done here to be to the glory of God. Therefore we ask that everyone help take care of the camp and everything in it. The director of each group should keep in mind that he/she is responsible to the director of Springs of Life Camp.

General Rules
To be shared with your group before, if possible, and at the beginning of your camp

  1. No smoking is allowed in any part of the campgrounds.
  2. It is prohibited to start fires except in designated places and with the permission of the director.
  3. Fireworks are absolutely prohibited.
  4. Animals are not permitted.
  5. Please abstain from the use of alcohol during your stay.
  6. Illegal drugs are not allowed.
  7. Springs of Life Camp is not responsible for lost items included money.
  8. For hygienic reasons it is obligatory to use a bottom sheet and pillowcase. These items are available for rent for 6€/set.
  9. Vehicles are to be parked in the parking lot, respecting a 20 km/h speed in any part of the camp.
  10. The camp gates will be closed between 24:00 and 8:00. Consult the director for exceptions.
  11. Silence will be maintained after 1:00 am.
  12. Respect nature–the flowers, trees, plants, etc.
  13. The camp office is open between 8:00 and 22:00.
  14. Shirt and shoes are required except in the pool area.
  15. We reserve the right to close part of the facility for personal use.
  16. Each group is responsible to leave the dorms and meetings rooms in the same state in which they were found.
  17. Manantiales de Vida staff will clean the bathrooms, dining hall and outside areas during the rental period.
  18. Furniture is not to be moved without the permission of the director.
  19. It is prohibited to hang posters, decorations, etc. in places not stipulated for them.
  20. For camper safety, it is recommended that no one enters work zones.
  21. Certain electrical appliances are prohibited (space heaters, fans, spotlights, irons, etc.) without permission from the director.
  22. All breakage and damages should be reported to the director.

Note: All rental groups should abstain from practices that are not common to all evangelical groups (speaking in tongues, dancing in the Spirit, etc.).